Holistic dentistry incorporates natural health philosophies with traditional dentistry.


Virtually pain free treatment with no needles or drills!

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Laser Dentistry at dhealth Dentist Camberwell
Holistic Dentistry at dhealth Dentist Camberwell

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dhealth Dentist Camberwell

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At dhealth, located in Camberwell Road in Melbourne, you will find a place where soft touch and high-tech dentistry meet to provide a pleasurable and rewarding experience. We endeavour for our patients to gain a complete understanding of their oral condition. This is why we strongly believe in educating patients on how to achieve optimum oral health and wellbeing.


We respect, invite, and welcome those who take care in selecting their dental service. dhealth offers you and your family a solution to your search for a reliable, affordable care from an experienced dental team.  All of your dental needs will be met at dhealth, offering everything from Holistic Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry to Orthodontics


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